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In the game Pangolin, you'll control one of these animals and have to help him to overcome all the levels in a strange arcade game full of puzzles

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If we were to ask you what a Pangolin is, you'd probably go running to Wikipedia to check it out. And that wouldn't surprise us it's an exotic animal similar to an armadillo and that, as usual, is in danger of extinction.

A few years ago, it gave its name to an Ubuntu distro for Linux and also to the title we're reviewing right now, an arcade game full of puzzles in which we'll have to help one of these creatures to overcome all the levels with a limited number of moves.

An entertaining arcade game with certain complexity

The fact is that in this game for iPhone we'll explore different settings with our character, jumping all over the place, and collecting as many coins and gems as possible. Those jumps will be carried out taking advantage of different elements spread around the scenarios, as well as trampolines that we can draw with our fingers. However, we'll only be able to use the latter on very few occasions, so you'll have to save them for when you really need them if you don't want to have to start all over again.

The game will force you to think fast because placing a trampoline a second later or in the wrong position can make you lose your game and have to restart the level.

Mobile platforms, boosters or curved surfaces are some of the aids you can use to reach your destination.

Our cute creature will behave just like any other moving object that obeys the laws of physics, so you'll have to take into account concepts such as inertia and gravity.

There are dozens of levels available and ready to be played in this game that's free to download. However, you can purchase levels and extra moves to play without getting so stressed out.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Requires iOS 5.0 or above.
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
  • Offers in-app purchases.

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