Online is an online game similar to the popular Plany your strategy to conquer more and more land and prevent other users from killing you

10/10 (1 Votes) is a game of the likes of a very basic title that will get us hooked on from the very first moment. In this game, we'll have to conquer territory by enclosing rectangular or square shapes. The larger the rectangle we draw, the more land we'll gain and the more chances we'll have to survive.

An addictive game from the very first moment.

However, the more territory we conquer at once, the more chances to get eaten. But the larger the land we try to conquer, the faster we'll go. While we're out on an adventure, we become more susceptible of being eaten up because we generate a tail. If somebody touches our tail, we're dead.

How to play

A piece of advice: while we're inside a new field, nobody will be able to kill us, but they can steal a portion of our land. A possible strategy could be to take on a defensive mode (not leaving our territory) and just kill anyone that enters. When there's nobody around, we can go out and conquer territory.

If we bump into our own tail, we'll also be dead. To close the rectangle we can only do so from a piece of conquered land (in other words, we can't use our tail). To eat someone, we'll have to go over the other person's tail or head, but be careful not to crash into them head-first, otherwise, you'll both die.

Under no circumstances shall we have to install any application as it's a web app. In other words, we'll only need a web browser and a PC to be able to play. We can also play from our mobile phone or a tablet, but it's much more complicated as the game hasn't been conceived for touchscreens. We won't be able to play without an Internet connection (even with the web on cache), as it's an online multiplayer game.

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