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Passcreator is a web application to create passwords very quickly. Choose how you want the key to be and Passcreator will generate a secure password

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When you browser Internet each day it's more common to use passwords to access different services. If you need to create a password, Passcreator will come in handy. This web application allows to choose a series of parameters and design a key by a simple click of the mouse. Passcreator also has a button to copy the password into the clipboard and works out more comfortable.

Create a password in 10 seconds.

Parameters of the keys

Passcreator allows us to choose the features that the password will have:

  • Capital letters.
  • Lower case letters.
  • Words that can be pronounced.
  • If it can contain numbers.
  • If it can contain special characters.
  • If you want it to include a word.
  • The amount of characters of the password.

Manage to create secure passwords without any need to use any software like Passcreator.

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