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Manage your passwords in the securest manner possible

November 9, 2023
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All regular Internet users have several accounts that they use to access different services over the Internet, like for example email, social networks or money services such as Paypal.

The only problem that can arise from all of this is that if we don't have very good memory, we can forget the password that we use to access a service, that is why it is advisable to use an application like Password Depot.

This program allows us to manage all our passwords from a very simple interface, in a very secure way. This application allows us to create a list with the password and user name that is associated to each service, allowing us to block the access to this information by means of a Rijndael 256-Bit security algorithm, that can only be bypassed with a master password.

The application also includes a secure password generator, it will allow us to synchronize our passwords via FTP and it also has a function that will allow us to auto-complete our data when we access certain web services.

If you want to keep all your passwords safe, you can do so by using Password Depot.

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