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Pay with a Tweet is a system to pay by means of social networks. Sell your contents in exchange for a publication and gain promotion with Pay with a Tweet

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Sell your work for publications on social networks. Pay with a Tweet is a social payment system that will allow you to distribute your product in exchange for promotional publications on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or VK accounts of the people interested.

Sell your products for the price of a tweet.

Any content creator can use Pay with a Tweet to distribute his/her work in a remunerated manner, although not with money, but with a greater dissemination on social networks instead, which can be even more valuable. When someone pays with a publication, he/she is really advertising your brand or product among his/her contacts.

Features of Pay with a Tweet

  • Innovating payment system for the distribution of digital contents.
  • Sell videos, images, music, documents...
  • Different button models. Also includes code for WordPress.
  • Compatible with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and VK.
  • Includes an internal file hosting system.

Learn how to use Pay with a Tweet

Pay with a Tweet generates the code of a download button with a hidden link to the file that you have previously uploaded to a storage page and that you can insert into your own web or blog.

The users interested in downloading those contents only have to press the button and publish on their profile the information you want. After that, they will have free access to the download while your work's dissemination increases.

Pay with a Tweet
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