Download PCBoost for free to optimize how programs work in the forefront. PCBoost will manage the computer's resources in the most efficient way possible

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The performance of any computer can be seriously affected both by the amount of tasks that it's carrying out simultaneously as well as by the way that the operating system manages its resources. To optimize the second case, nothing better than PCBoost.

  How PCBoost works is rather simple, it modifies the system in such a way that it assigns more processing time to the most important applications, therefore, even though it penalizes the applications that are running in the background or the system processes, the applications that we are currently using like games, video editors or any program in general will work really well.

  So that we see how it works, PCBoost shows a chart in the system tray on which we'll be able to see the optimization level of the program that has the highest priority, this will allow us to measure the improvement caused by the application.

  One of the advantages of PCBoost is that it manages to improve the performance of any computer without affecting the hardware, so that even though we'll notice that everything works much quicker, the computer will not overheat or suffer as if we had overclocked it.

  So if you want to optimize your computer, don't think twice and download PCBoost.
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The trial version lasts for 30 days.
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