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PDF Mergy is a simple extension that can be added to Google Chrome's web browser to be able to merge several files in PDF format into a single document

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The PDF format has plenty of advantages, such as the possibility of being opened on any platform or the fact that it can preserve the integrity of the information it contains. Nevertheless, to be able to edit it we need a program capable of doing so as an ordinary text processor of the likes of Microsoft Word can’t carry out such functions.

A Chrome extension to merge PDF files

This PDF Mergy is a very simple tool that is added to Chrome as a plug-in or extension and that allows us to merge or join two or more files in PDF format into one. We only have to upload the documents in the order in which we want them to appear, and the tool will take care of doing the rest as soon as we hit the Merge button.

Its drawbacks? Well, the truth is that there are loads of programs that are much better than this one to work on this kind of document, mainly because the only thing it does is take us to the project’s web page for which purpose we need to be online, whilst we also have to upload our files to their server… in other words, the whole privacy issue is beyond our control.

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Antony Peel
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