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PDF Mod is a simple tool that allows you to carry out changes on PDF files. Download PDF Mod for free and you can extract pages from a PDF document

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PDF Mod is a program that can't be used to compose and create documents in PDF, on the contrary it will allow you to be able to apply small changes to files like extracting pages, modifying the properties, rotating parts of the file and eliminating those things that we don't want to be seen.

  The program is rather simple to use, due to the fact that it is basically a PDF reader, but with a few extras, which will allow you to change the things that you may need while viewing the files.

  The interface is very simple, to such an extent that it won't be necessary to look at any manual nor investigate previously, because all the tools that the application has are visible and can be accessed with a couple of clicks.

  One of the most interesting edition options of the program is, without any doubt, the one that offers the possibility to use parts from different files to create a document formed by extracts from several others.

  Discover a great tool to work with the most widespread formats on the Internet thanks to PDF Mod.
Requirements and additional information:
This download is only compatible with Ubuntu 11.4 Natty Narwhal.
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