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Test the speed of your web browser with Peacekeeper. Find the best browser for your Internet needs with the results you will receive from Peacekeeper

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Which is the best web browser? Settle your doubts thanks to Peacekeeper, a website to test the performance of your browser and know its speed. If you want to use the quickest browser on the market, use this web to test all of your options before you decide to use one or another.


  • Website to test the speed of web browsers.
  • Find the program that suits your browsing needs.
  • Compatible with computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.
  • Access Peacekeeper from any operating system.

If you have a browser, you can put it to the test with Peacekeeper.

Access the website with the browser that you want to test and click on the corresponding button. The page will carry out the necessary tests and after a short wait it will show you all the analyzed data, assigning a score to the browser's performance. Share the results and choose the browser that suits your needs.

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