Form workgroups thanks to PeerAware. Access a place where you will be able to lodge documents and work in coordination with a group as well as speak to them

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Workgroups are a quick and interesting way to organize, creating various users and access a central place where the important documents and programs are hosted. Many workgroups are manages via web browser, but PeerAware uses the P2P technology and is shown as another desktop application.

  PeerAware has an interface to chat with the group members that are connected, allowing to share and monitor both the files as well as the folders. It also includes an integrated search engine, that as well as searching in the workgroup, allows the possibility to perform searches through the PeerAware public files and folders.

  The programs interface is a mixture between a P2P net client and the Windows Explorer, because even though it resembles the Windows Explorer, everything is developed in a way that it is very easy to know the information about download and uploaded files, as well as the users and the communication that we maintain with them.
Scott McLure
Scott McLure
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