Block the access to your PC with PeerBlock, that uses information about IP addresses. Maintain your Internet security once you download PeerBlock for free

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PeerBlock is a tool that lets us block access to our computer on behalf of specific IP addresses and vice-versa.

  Thus nobody will snoop what we do on the Internet nor will they constantly be sending us adverts.

  Ideal to exchange files on the P2P networks, the program by default includes a series of IP lists extracted from

  We can select lists depending on the kind of IPs that we want to block: organizations against P2P, publicity servers, spyware and adware servers, governmental organizations, educational institutions and universities.

  We'll also be able to create and export our own lists, or share them with other users.

  The program is based on PeerGuardian, an Internet anonymity classic. This application hasn't been updated in a few years and has some important bugs, so we could say that PeerBlock has occupied its place.

  Remember that even by means of this software and the proxy resource to limit tracking, full anonymity over the Internet doesn't exist.

  A program like PeerBlock is ideal so as not to attract attention, but if someone is specifically trying to track you, you will find it very difficult to avoid it.

  Even so, it represents a very interesting option to protect our privacy over the Internet.
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