PeerTV is an application with which you can watch the television free on the Internet. Donload PeerTV and tune in to your favorite channel on your computer

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PeerTV is a program to watch the TV on the Internet. There are many developments like this one and they all have something interesting to offer. The difference of PeerTV is based on having a good channel list available, a very refined organization mode and the possibility to tune in to the broadcasts on our favorite players.

  Thus, we will be able to open any television channel with VLC Player, MPlayer or with any other player that we configure and support for streaming broadcasts. Despite this, the program includes its own players in case we don't want anything complicated.

  The amount of channels available in PeerTV is really large, it has channels available in English, French, German, Spanish, etc. It's also possible to find the classic American news channels, soap operas and sport themed channels, so that if we want to watch a specific channel, PeerTV will help us.

  This kind of program doesn't need a tuning card or a special decoder, by simply opening PeerTV and selecting a television and radio we will obtain a rather decent quality signal on the Internet.
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