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Peppermint Ice is a Linux distro optimized to work with virtual applications on the cloud. Peppermint Ice is highly recommendable for low-end computers

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There are so many Linux distributions to choose from that we could decide to make use of a certain distro, only taking into account the needs we require when it comes to using a computer. If we were a user that uses many cloud applications and resources, we shouldn't hesitate to choose Peppermint Ice.

Create your own specific navigation points

Peppermint Ice stands out from the rest of distributions because it includes a tool that allows users to create specific navigation points to access webapps. The latter provide tools for common tasks, so that it's possible to create a shortcut to Google Docs from the desktop, if we want an office suite, or to Pixlr, if we need a photo enhancement program. In any case, let's not take for granted that Peppermint Ice cannot work just like any ordinary distro, because it allows us to install applications from repositories compatible with Ubuntu.

The use of online applications relieves the computer's workload.


  • Optimization to access to online tools.
  • Creation of specific navigation points.
  • Cloud-related native applications.
  • Compatibility with Ubuntu repositories for the installation of applications.
  • Low resource use.
  • User-friendly environment for Linux newbies.

The first version of Peppermint Ice was released in 2010, when online applications and cloud environments weren't as popular as now. Each new version of the distribution has modified and enhanced aspects, becoming also ideal for computers with scarce resources, as it's even capable of running on a 386 processor.

Requirements and additional information:
  • You can virtualize the image with an appropriate program or launch the installation by burning the ISO image onto an optical disc or pendrive.
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