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PER Antivirus is a powerful program to protect your Linux from any virus. Download PER Antivirus on your computer and avoid any attacks from spyware

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PER Antivirus offers us quality protection for our operating system, without affecting our computer's performance. Even though it is true that the main objective of people who create viruses is to attack the Windows operating system, it is never a bad idea to protect our Linux against possibles threats.

  This antivirus focuses its protection on analyzing the exchange of files that come from the exterior and that can be a danger for your computer. PER Antivirus detects and eliminates all kinds of viruses, worms, spyware and adware, in a vast amount of formats: VBS, EXE, BAT, SHS, HTA, HTT, PIF, SCR, JPG, CPL, files with double extension and even hidden files.

  Other important features are the integration of Sendmail, that checks the emails that we receive, and eliminates the viruses that the attached files may contain, and thus avoids that they enter the system. Furthermore, it also automatically searches the drives and folders, with the possibility to program these analyses depending on our interests.

  Protect your Linux against viruses with this powerful antivirus.
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The trial version has certain limitations.
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