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1.97 Supervise your computer's activity with Perfect Keylogger. Control which contents are viewed by its users by downloading Perfect Keylogger on your PC
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Keyloggers are programs that detect keystrokes, making it possible to save everything that is written on a keyboard in a text file, so that it won't be difficult to know what someone has been doing while using a PC. That's precisely the purpose of Perfect Keylogger.

Discover the keys pressed on your computer

Since these programs are usually integrated into viruses and several different kinds of malware, the vast majority are detected as malicious software by antivirus applications, nevertheless, Perfect Keylogger has managed that this doesn't happen. It's a keylogger that isn't detected as such by any antivirus.

As well as the typical function of storing all the data it gathers in a text file, Perfect Keylogger allows you to send them to FTP servers, find out the passwords that are hidden behind asterisks, detect keystrokes only in specific applications and also, as usual in this kind of application, to become totally invisible.

Thanks to Perfect Keylogger you'll be able to know what websites your children visit when they delete the browser's history, or if someone has used the computer in your absence and what for.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The vast majority of antivirus applications will define this program as dangerous due to the fact that it's a keylogger.
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Antony Peel
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