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In Perfect Slices for Android, you have to know how to handle your knife in order to slice as many greens and vegetables as you can before time runs out

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You probably remember Fruit Ninja, one of the most successful casual games on Android, which involves slicing fruit with a katana sword. Perfect Slices is not quite as exotic but is based on the same idea – cutting up vegetables as fast as you can.

Slice all the produce in the allotted time

You will have to slice through the greens and vegetables on a moving kitchen work table so that they are ready for stews and casseroles. The produce is all lined up nicely and you just need to slice it with a knife that can be upgraded as you increase your score and level up.

Each vegetable sliced adds points to your score and the goal is to slice as many of them as are needed for the recipe. Meanwhile, you have to avoid the obstacles that you find along the way - hitting a wooden cutting board or a metal grater will slow your work rate down.

This is a slicing challenge against the clock, so you will have to try to slice all the vegetables before you get to the end of the line.

Ever fancied being a prep cook? If you have, this is the game for you. The pressure of the kitchen on your shoulders, the clock ticking down, the orders that need to be gotten out to the customers on time. Your slicing skills and speed are a key part of the whole operation.

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Sean Mitchell
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