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PerfectDisk is an application to carry out the defragmentation of a computer's hard drive. Download PerfectDisk and improve your system's performance

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PerfectDisk is a tool to defrag the hard drives of your computer and get a better performance. As you use you hard drives, the files start to get stored in small fragments over the hard drive and as time goes by, this will negatively affect the system. Every certain amount of time it is necessary to defrag the hard drives to place the files in the ideal place.

  In the first place, PerfectDisk will carry out an analysis to check the status of your hard drives, and will show you the statistics of several aspects of your disks: the file fragmentation, folders, or free space. After this, you will be able to defrag the disk in various modes: in a normal way, placing the files together, or by means of an intelligent defrag process, placing all the most used files in the places of the hard drive that can be accessed faster.

  PerfectDisk also allows you to: program the defrags, so that you don't have to keep any eye on these tasks, manage the free space on the hard drive efficiently, or check the use of the system at each moment.

  Maintain you computer with its best performance with PerfectDisk.
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The trial period lasts for 30 days.
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