Performous is a Karaoke for your computer. Sing your favorite songs, play the guitar, bass, the drums or dance. Download Performous to your PC for free

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A computer can be a good place to play your favorite songs and prove your singing skills. Performous is a Karaoke program that will allow you to sing the lyrics of the songs and, what's more, it will value your capacity by means of a point system that similar to that of SingStar. In fact, Performous and UltraStar Deluxe are the two best open source alternatives to that popular video game.

To use Performous search for songs on its website, where you will find a large catalog from which to choose from. After you download Performous free and a few songs you will be able to prove your vocal skill as well as your dexterity with certain instruments.


  • Add a Karaoke to your PC. Song the songs of your favorite artists and also play the instruments.
  • View the videoclips of the songs while you sing them.
  • Beautiful designed interface.
  • Download the songs ready to be used from the authors website or use the editor to compose your own music.

Do you play any instruments?

Is your voice not up to the level of the song or you simply good playing an instrument? Performous also has an 'instruments' mode in which, instead of singing, you will have to play the accompanying instruments with your keyboard, as you would with such famous titles as RockStar or Guitar Hero.

If you have a SingStar microphone or one of the instruments for Guitar Hero or Rock Band you will be able to connect them via USB to use them with Performous. You will also be able to use pad controllers or even dance mats like those that are used with Dance Dance Revolution or StepMania.

Download Performous right now for free: you will have access to a singing and music platform on your PC that can stand up to the best game console games.

Requirements and additional information:
  • You can download songs free for this program here.
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