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Performous is a program for Linux similar to the popular SingStar and Guitar Hero games. Download Performous and compete with your friends to be the best

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Performous is a clone of SingStar and Guitar Hero for PC, thanks to which you will be able to provide your parties with an entertaining touch, because it will allow you to sing songs as if you were the lead singer of a band or play one of the instruments, with the added possibility to compete against your friends to see who get the highest score.

  The game will allow you to sing any of the free songs that you will be able to find on the Internet, search for songs that have been adapted by other users or edit your favorite hits by means of the utility that is included in the program.

  Instead of using instruments as in the versions of the game for game consoles, you will have to use the computer's keyboard, as well as any microphone that you have connected to your sound card.

  The interface isn't so well developed and the management of the songs can be somewhat complex, but if you want to enjoy SingStar or Rock Band, this is the best option available for you.

  Discover an ideal game to make any meeting or party a lot more interesting, thanks to Performous.
Vincent Le Ligeour
Over a year ago
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