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Perian is a collection of video and audio codecs to be able to play any multimedia file on QuickTime. Download Perian and enjoy your videos on your Mac

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Perian is the perfect solution to solve any codec problems that can appear in QuickTime, one of the most powerful multimedia players that can be used on Mac OS X, because by default it isn't compatible with all audio and video files.

  But thanks to Perian we'll be able to install a wide range of codecs so as to be able to launch our films and songs without worrying about the format.

  This codec pack allows us to play AVI, DIVX, FLV, MKV, GVI, MKV, VP6, VFW, DivX, H.264, FLV, WMA, ADPCM, True Audio, AAC, AC3 and MP4. Furthermore, it also adds support for new subtitles formats, like SSA/ASS and SRT.

  Thanks to how simple it is to install and configure, Perian is ideal for the users that search for an easy solution to transform QuickTime or NicePlayer into a complete multimedia player.

  Discover one of the best alternatives to be able to enjoy any multimedia contents on Mac's native multimedia player, as well as the tools based on it, downloading and installing Perian on your computer
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