PES 2013 - Pro Evolution Soccer

PES 2013 - Pro Evolution Soccer is the next step in terms of the evolution of virtual football. Start playing the most incredible matches with PES 2013

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This year, once again, two of the big names in computer game development will fight to become the most recognized as football simulator developers of the year. We are referring of course to FIFA by EA Sports and PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) by Konami. This year Konami are promising to make things rather difficult for their competitors with PES 2013 - Pro Evolution Soccer.

Full control of the ball

The Japanese company has compiled information sent by players from all over the world to find out what they are looking for when they play a football simulator. And the main answer has been very clear, better control over the ball, something that has been taken to another level in PES 2013, providing the player with more control when shooting and passing, even on a first touch.

Totally different players

Using 50 of the best players in the world as base characters, they have created a Player ID system that makes each player recreated in the game different, with each having his own qualities. The latter has a direct impact on how they move, turn, pass the ball or shoot on goal. To the extent that it even affects goal celebrations.

What else does it include

  • PES Fullcontrol which gives the player total freedom of movement, offering the possibility to choose how to receive the ball or carry out a pass.
  • Improved artificial intelligence by means of ProActive AI that will make sure that the players organize themselves and perform the movements in a way that is a lot more organized that in previous versions of the game.
  • Unique goalkeepers, PES 2013 includes many new movements for the goalkeepers, so that all of them look and react differently.
  • Multiple game modes, from training to online matches, including all kinds of leagues both offline and online, without forgetting the 'Become a Legend' mode which gives you the possibility to create a player.

Transform your avatar into the best player of all time in "Become a Legend" mode, outdoing Cristiano Ronaldo or Leo Messi.

All these features make PES 2013 a game which is really worth the time playing, we're sure you won't be disappointed. Download PES 2013 for PC right now.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The demo allows you to play 5-minute games with 11 clubs to choose from (Valencia CF, Corinthians, Chivas, Santos, Boca Juniors, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Real Madrid, Athletic Bilbao, Manchester United and FC Barcelona).
  • Requires the installation of DirectX 9, included in the download file.

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