PFE is a complete application to be able to create texts in three dimensions. Download PFE to design headers and titles in 3D in a very simple and quick way

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PFE is a simple application with which it is possible to easily create three dimensional texts. Even if you don't have a lot of knowledge about graphic design, this tool will allow you to create titles in three dimensions in a very simple way and hardly taking any time at all.

  You'll be able to use any kind of True Type typography that you have installed, and transform it into a three dimensional text. PFE allows you to configure and place the settings light, and check what the changes look like in real time. It has a great amount of text configurations, like the material, the typography or the detail level of the mesh. You can also apply some effects, like brightness and sparkles. To check the results you will be able to observe your creation from various points of view, easily changing the position of the camera.

  When you have your design created, PFE will allow you to export it with all the 3D data to VRML format and to the OpenGL source codes. Another possibility that it offers is to export it to a JPEG file.

  Play around with PFE and create surprising designs in 3D in the most simple of ways.
Requirements and additional information:
The application is free for personal use only.
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