Phone Easy Connect

Download Phone Easy Connect and you can use your mobile to connect to the Internet with your PC. Phone Easy Connect also allows you to send messages

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Phone Easy Connect is a free application thanks to which you'll be able to have Internet available on your PC by using any mobile phone terminal. When you're on holiday or somewhere where it isn't possible to connect to a modem, you can always resort to your mobile telephone to be able to connect to the Internet, as along as you have all the necessary elements available.

  This tool, compatible with the vast majority of mobile phone models, uses the cable, infrared or Bluetooth connection of your computer to be able to send and receive data. Thanks to the latter, you'll be able to send SMS messages using the computer's keyboard to write them.

  The interface it uses is very simple and, once it's perfectly configured, with a single click you will be able to access the world wide web.

  If you were looking for a program that will allow you to have an Internet connection wherever and whenever you want thanks to your mobile phone, try out Phone Easy Connect, a simple and very practical tool.
Requirements and additional information:
It's necessary to have a mobile phone that's compatible with the application, the hardware necessary for the data connection and that our mobile phone company offers that service.
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