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3.03 Photo Collage provides templates to make collages a lot easier. Download Photo Collage for free and create surprising compositions with your photographs
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With the enormous amount of photos that we have nowadays, due to the fact that digital cameras allow us to forget about how many photographs we take, it is normal that when it comes to choosing photographs, we will find it very difficult to choose just a few. For cases like this, Photo Collage can come in very handy, because it allows the user to create compositions with various photographs simultaneously.

  Once we have chosen the photos that will be part of our collage, we will be able to add frames, backgrounds, or use templates to center them and make them more eye-catching. What's more, once we save the collage, the effects will be stored separately (as if they were layers) so that we will be able to modify them at a later date.

  Furthermore, Photo Collage can be used perfectly to personalize a present, CD, DVD or create eye-catching wallpapers for our screen, the possibilities are endless!

  Even though the program's interface is rather intuitive, Photo Collage includes a small tutorial so that any user can start creating his/her own and original collage in less than 5 minutes.
Requirements and additional information:
The trial version inserts a watermark in the images it creates.
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Antony Peel
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