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With Photo Magician you can modify the dimensions of your photographs in batches. Modify the size of your images once you download Photo Magician for free

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Photo Magician is a free application that allows you to change the size of images, furthermore, it also allows you to do so in batches. It is a tool that can be of great use if what you want is to modify the dimensions of images and photographs without going into other kinds of processes.

Change the size of your photos from your PC

The program has a series of standard measurements to carry out these changes in size. Logically, the user is capable of inputting the measurements that he/she wants, but it comes in very handy to check how these preset measurements are used by well-established devices, which will make the task easier and will guarantee perfect results. It is also possible to carry out conversions between formats, thus increasing the options.

One of the strong points of Photo Magician is its capacity to modify the size of image groups or batches. After specifying the folder in which they can be found, the application will carry out the changes following the preset parameters automatically. Thanks to this you'll be able to resize a full folder of photos without having to carry out each process separately.

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