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Photomatix is the most popular and complete tool to create high dynamic range images. Create incredible images in HDR thanks to programs like Photomatix

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Professional photo cameras usually have an increased dynamic range, which translates into more detailed photos in both the areas of shade and the areas of light. Now, you can transfer this advantage to your digital photo camera, thanks to Photomatix.

Photomatix Pro is an extraordinary application that brings to the surface all the details of an image, that has been taken with the technique known as bracketing. This method consists of taking various photographs of the same scene with different exposure settings.

Generate HDR images

Thus, thanks to this application it is possible to join the photographs taken with different exposures to obtain a unique image where it is possible to observe all the details, of both the shadows as well as the light, thus expanding its dynamic range.

The application offers two methods to highlight the photos: HDR Tone Mapping and Exposure Fusion. Once the process has been done, it offers the possibility to make a final fine adjustment by controlling various parameters like the brightness, the micro-contrast, the gamma factor, the color temperature, etc.

Make the most of this trial version, that is completely functional and works for an unlimited period of time, with the only limitation that it adds a watermark to the images.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial version adds a watermark to the images.
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