PhotoME allows you to show and edit the metadata of your photos for free. Analyze and modify that data thanks to the possibilities incorporated by PhotoME

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To edit the information contained inside our images we need tools capable of reading this kind of information. PhotoME will allow you to look up that data and modify it. It is a free application that offers all the tools necessary for that task.

Edit the metadata of your photos

It has support for EXIF tags, that contain data written by the digital camera about the images. It also has support for IPTC-NAA tags, used by agencies to save key words, commentaries, and copyright notes. Furthermore, it can also read ICC profiles, that are in charge of managing the color.

In what regards to the files, PhotoME is compatible with JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG and RAW digital negative files. Furthermore, it is capable of showing the RAW files from a large number of professional cameras. It supports specific Maker Notes from different camera manufacturers, GPS data and has support for thumbnails, as well as having a basic RAW converter.

PhotoME is capable of integrating into the context menu of your browser to open images directly by means of the right button. It also offers you the possibility to drag and drop images on to the program's interface to check their data and export the metadata in HTML or BBCode format.

Checking and editing the data of your images has never been so easy. PhotoME is a complete tool for this task. Furthermore, it is free, offering you many possibilities without having to spend a dime.

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Antony Peel
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