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PHP 5 is essential to create dynamic websites. Download PHP 5 for free and take advantage of everything that this renowned development engine has to offer

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In the first years of major public access to the Internet, the HTML code was the most used when it came to designing any website, thus resulting in very sober pages that hardly had any interactive contents. On the other hand, nowadays many languages are used together with HTML to complement it, adding new functions and improving the design of the websites. A clear example is PHP (PHP Hypertext Pre-processor), one of the most used languages for the creation of dynamic sites.

  This powerful language allows the creation of many functions, such as the creation of graphics, the use of Google Translation to translate texts, the authentication of users with Facebook Connect, to program searches in MySQL databases, the creation of polls with graphics that will show the results on the website, etc.

  PHP 5 is one of the most secure and complete versions to the date. It includes Zend Engine 2 as a development and runtime engine, thus offering better support for object oriented programing and for MySQL and XML, as well as optimizing the performance.

  To sum up, the use of PHP is essential to develop dynamic web applications that require accessing the data contained within any database. Therefore, if this is your case, it's advisable to download PHP 5.
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