PHP Triad


PHP Triad is a local server that will install Apache, MySQL and PHP on your PC. Download PHP Trial for free when you need a server without complications

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PHP Triad is a software application that will allow anyone to install a local server on a computer and quickly configure everything that it may require, thus becoming a perfect tool for web developers that require to carry out tests.

  The usual requirements of any program that installs itself as a server are rather clear: Apache, MySQL and PHP. That's why PHP Triad installs exactly those three developments. A web server, a database server and development libraries. It is also possible to install Perl and PHPMyAdmin, two developments that are directly related to web development, even though they are not so necessary.

  Thanks to this kind of program, any person that needs to have a server working without too many complications and with the guarantee that it will be properly configured, will only have to install PHP Triad.

  Furthermore, PHP Triad includes a backup tool and a control panel from which you can configure a great amount of options without unnecessary complications. Thus you'll be able to do everything necessary instead of having to configure and install it all meticulously.
PHP Triad
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