Phun is a free application that allows you to create 2D objects. With Phun we can simulate physical phenomena such as gravity or friction and play with them

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Physics is usually quite a hard subject that we often have trouble with. Thanks to Phun we can delve into the world of physics in an entertaining way, and discover the effects produced by shapes and materials in a practical and enjoyable manner.

Perfect combination of physics and entertainment.

Main features

  • Physics simulator to create different 2D objects in real time.
  • Allows us to observe the interaction between objects and verify the laws of physics.
  • We'll have to take into account the materials and states of the objects.
  • User-friendly, intuitive and colorful interface.
  • Incorporates a wide range of tools to create objects.

Phun is the best way for children to understand how the world of physics works. By creating objects, they will find out how they move and which phenomena affect their movements.

Help your young children to learn physics by downloading Phun for free. As well as learning, they will also have fun and develop their imagination, creating objects and constructions.

Antony Peel
Antony Peel
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