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If you're into basic physics games and you want to spend a fun time drawing, start downloading this Physics Drop free of charge for Android devices

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OK, so you won't need to be Einstein, Newton, Faraday or Planck to enjoy playing Physics Drop, but it's an entertaining casual game for Android smartphones and tablets in which your knowledge about basic physics is going to be very important.

Don't worry, you won't have to solve kinetics or thermodynamics problems, but you will need some basic knowledge about how the force of gravity affects a free falling object. With that knowledge and certain spatial vision, this is a mobile game that will put you to the test from the very first moment.

How to play Physics Drop?

Once the APK has been installed on your mobile device, you'll come across a minimalistic interface that looks like a notepad full of lines, the goal of which is to complete the different levels taking the red ball to the U-shaped container. How? Well drawing with your finger the different structures necessary to make the ball roll towards the hole in question.

Draw the path of the ball towards the U taking into account the force of gravity.

Sometimes you'll only need to draw a long slope, on other occasions you'll have to overcome all sorts of obstacles that will require complex structures, which in turn will also be subject to the laws of physics. Therefore, as you're such a decent architect, you'll have to assure their foundations before releasing the ball.

As you can see, it sounds easy. But as you advance through the 18 levels available, you'll soon realize that you'll need to spend plenty of hours to fulfill your mission. However, you can always hit the restart button if you get stuck on any screen.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
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