Download Physion for free and you will have a great tool to both teach and learn the basic concepts of physics. Physics without any secrets with Physion

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Physion is an application specifically created to carry out physics simulations in 2D, something that can some in very handy to teachers that have to show the basics concepts of this science making use of a complete virtual laboratory.

Physion offers all the tools necessary to draw objects and structures, adjust their properties and set them in motion according to the basic physics principals.

A virtual physics laboratory.


  • Use the tools necessary to create all kinds of shapes and articulations: circles, polygons, gear teeth, springs, pulleys...
  • Faithful recreation of the shapes following the basic physics principles.
  • Create from simple structures to complex compositions.
  • Launch your own scripts or programs in JavaScript.
  • Perfect to get started in the world of programming thanks to the immediate visibility of the launched commands.

Follow Einstein's footsteps

If you want to get used to basic physics, Physion is the perfect tool. With it you'll be able to perfectly understand which is the real behavior of the objects by creating all kinds of shapes and figures based on the laws of physics: movements, turns, gravity....

The interface is rather appealing and easy to understand, with different examples in which you will be able to see the software in action. There are several views available to work comfortably, as well as different videos and support tutorials from the web authors that will help you out when you get started with this software.

Download Physion for free and you'll also be able to become one of the greatest physics-related minds.

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Antony Peel
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