PickMeApp is a program designed to create backups of installed applications. Download PickMeApp right now to always have access to your favourite programs

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Programs to create backups are usually focused on the creation of backups of the data stored on a computer, but it could happen that you aren't really interested in the data stored but in the programs that are installed, for which purpose you can use PickMeApp.

Secure your programs

The purpose of PickMeApp is to be able to create a backup of the applications installed that the user chooses, so that they will be available to be recovered if there is any type of problem with the computer, something that will make it a lot easier to keep on working without having to reinstall.

At the same time, the design of PickMeApp also allows you to create executable files with all the applications that have been covered by the backup so that it will be possible to install them on another computer without any need to install them individually.

But as well as this, PickMeApp can be used as the application management program from its interface, because it also allows us to uninstall the programs that have been installed on the computer.

Therefore, if you want to have all your favorite applications safeguarded or you simply want to have the possibility to install them on another computer all at once, you only have to download PickMeApp for free.

Requirements and additional information:
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