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1.02 PicoZIP Recovery Tool will allow you to recover the password from ZIP files. Download PicoZIP Recovery Tool for free, and open password-protected ZIP files
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The amount of ZIP files that can be handled nowadays is huge, and many of them are protected by means of a password to avoid that certain people can access the information that they contain. The problem arises when you happen to lose the password of a ZIP file and you need to recover the contents of the file, to solve this you can use PicoZIP Recovery Tool.

Recover the password of ZIP files

The program can be used to recover the password of a ZIP file or a self-extracting file by mean of two methods: brute force and with the dictionary. PicoZIP Recovery Tool asks the user what file has to be analyzed and it also asks for a minimum and maximum password length, because this can avoid the program checking unnecessary combinations.

Once the process is launched, PicoZIP Recovery Tool will check all the variables that may exist to find the lost password, and once the process is finished (that can vary depending on the length of the password) it will present a summary with the total amount of variables it has tried and if it has been able to find the password or not.

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