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Picozu is a powerful web application that will allow you to edit and enhance any image. Picozu offers you a large amount of tools which you can use

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Picozu is a web application with which you'll be able to edit and enhance any image that you choose with a vast amount of tools and effects. To start off, it will offer us various options, among which you'll be able to choose to create a new image by means of its drawing tools, download them from Facebook, open one of the samples provided by the application or to follow a how to use tutorial.

When you decide to edit an image, from the start you'll be able to select its features in case the photo will be used on your computer, on a website or is going to be printed. It will allow you to change everything relative to their format, size, resolution and background.

A powerful and versatile editor

You should allow the fact that Picozu is an online editor make you think that it isn't versatile, because it includes a large variety of tools and configuration options. You will have access to all kinds of brushes, filters, dynamic windows, layers, complex polygons... All these features make Picozu an option worth considering.

And when it comes to storing you work you can do so not only on your hard drive, but also on your Picozu user accounts, via Windows Live, Facebook and Dropbox.

If you need an image editor that's quick and simple think about Picozu and enjoy all the possibilities it has to offer.

Requirements and additional information:
  • To use Picozu you must have Chrome, Firefox 5, Opera 10, Safari 5 or Internet Explorerer 9 or later versions.s
  • Registering as a Picozu user is free of charge.
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