Pidgin is an instant messaging client with which you can chat with several people that use all sorts of types of chat services such as IRC or Yahoo!

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The instant messaging client that rules in Linux, previously known as Gaim, is also convincing after changing over to Windows. It includes all the possibilities that it already had, that were: an extensive list of instant messaging networks to connect to, possibility to be modified with plug-ins and extensions, allowing us to start sessions with various accounts at the same time,...

Compatible with the rest of messaging clients

Pidgin is an instant messaging software with quite a lot of popularity,especially because it is capable of connecting to all networks that use other chat programs.

Like any other client, it supports file sharing, emoticons and all sorts of customizations, but this isn't all, the conversations are organized in different tabs, it saves the conversations, it lets the user know about any incident, with both the usual window and sound effects...

All in all, one of the best, most renowned and secure instant messaging clients, with the best connectivity.

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