Allows readers to share your WordPress posts on Pinterest

March 7, 2013
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You probably already know Pinterest, a new social network that acts like a pinboard where you can publish practically anything, whether images, links and now, why not, WordPress articles with Pin It On Pinterest.

On all social networks

Pin It On Pinterest is a plug-in for WordPress that enables the "Pin It" button at the bottom of your publications. Thus, your followers can press it and share your articles with all their contacts, as if it were a virtual pin on their Pinterest profile.


  • Add a button to publish your WordPress articles on Pinterest.
  • Insert an image (from your PC, an URL address or a multimedia library) and a small description.
  • View all the details of the attached image: name, type, date, dimensions, title, alternative text, description, URL of the link, alignment and view.

How it works

Once you have completed the installation of Pin It On Pinterest a new form will appear at the bottom of the writing area on your posts.

When you publish, the new "Pin It" button will be visible for all readers. The best thing is that you can monitor the times an entry has been pinned on Pinterest.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Works with WordPress 3.1 or above.
  • Requires a ZIP compatible compressor.
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