Pinguy OS Linux

11.04.1 i686

Pingu OS is a fundamental operating system in Linux. Those people that have to Linux should download Pinguy OS for free, an out of the box operating system

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There are many Linux distributions to choose from, but there are those that still don't want to use that platform. Pinguy OS is a clear and simple operating system based on Linux focused on all those beginners, that have never had any contact at all with the operating system of the penguin.

  To use Pinguy OS it isn't necessary launch any installation, because it's an out of the box product. Pinguy OS includes all the tools that are necessary to work with your PC without applying any kind of adjustment or complex configuration.

  The pack contains some of the most popular products for this platform. Furthermore, the developer has taken care of applying the pertinent configurations to each of them so that you can enjoy Pinguy OS as much as possible.

  If you have never used an operating system based on Linux, try downloading Pinguy OS for free, an operating system that doesn't require installation, that is easy to use and that includes the best free applications ready to be launched.
Pinguy OS
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