98 Maintain contact with your friends via IRC chat with Pirch, a chat client for that kind of communication protocol. Download Pirch on your computer
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Pirch is a really valued IRC chat client. When IRC chat channels were one of the very few ways in which it was possible to communicate in real-time, this client already had quite a few users. Also known as PIRCH98, the truth is that only the almighty mIRC had more users, due to the fact that it was less focused on enthusiasts and contained less complicated options.

An excellent IRC client

One of the greatest features of Pirch is that it's able to connect to several servers using various accounts. As it was done with various accounts simultaneously, it was really useful.

The interface used in Pirch is totally outdated, something that old-time computer users will probably like, but that the majority of users with less level, and more used to simple interfaces without too many configurations, will probably hate.

Nevertheless, you don't need great functions, icons, emoticons or animations to chat by means of the IRC protocol,... a text box and a visualization area are just about enough. Pirch offers much more than that, but you should try it out yourself to see all it has to offer.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial version has certain limitations.
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Antony Peel
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