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18.0 PitStop Connect is the perfect tool for designers and editors, send documents to the printer with all the parameters defined without leaving your office
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One of the biggest problems that can arise when you send documents to the printing house it that they aren't sure about the printing parameters, something that can end up with horrible surprises when it comes to picking up the printed documents.

To avoid this you can use PitStop Connect, a program that allows you to send Certified PDFs with all the specific data directly to the printing house, in such a way that there will be no place for doubt and everything will be done correctly.

Quality control for your printing projects

Configuring and sending documents with PitStop Connect is very simple, and you will be able to manage it following a few simple steps. With the input of the printing house's server data being the most difficult element, this data will have to be supplied by the company that is providing you this service.

As well as Certified PDF documents (that are the best to make sure that they don't suffer any change before being printed), if you decide to do so, you will also be able to send other kinds of documents.

Therefore, if you want an application that will allow you to be sure that the printing house receives everything correctly, download and install PitStop Connect.

Requirements and additional information:
  • You need to register to be able to activate the trial period the first time you open the application.
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