Pixo is a tool with which you can apply all kinds of effects and filters without any problems. See how easy it is after you download Pixo to your PC

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There are multiple programs to apply effects to images and photographs, but up until now the vast majority of these applications required that you have an advanced knowledge and practice with selection tools to be able to apply the effects properly. But all this has changed thanks to Pixo.

  With Pixo the possibility to apply effects to photos has become a very easy option, because you will only have to open the image, select the effect that you want to apply and use the brush to apply it to the areas of the image of your choice.

  Among the effects available in Pixo you'll find sepia, scales of gray, illuminate, blur and substitute color. As well as the general effects, Pixo also includes a series of effects that affect the full image, like the Warhol effect.

  Another thing that is worth highlighting about Pixo is the possibility to be able to export the images to a wide range of formats and the option to be able to publish any image straight on Flickr.

  Therefore, if you want to apply a selection of photo effects to create your own works of art, download and try out Pixo.
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