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Where is the plane where your friends are travelling? Was the plane that is headed to Hawaii on time? Learn about this and so much more with Planes Live

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Even though there are other web pages that offer a similar service, with this Apalon Apps tool we can learn in just a moment about the status of all the flights we want. Not only can we get detailed information on the flights around the world and see a plane radar in real time, but also receive alerts, see if a flight is late and find the vast majority of the airports.

Watch the movement of the planes in the map with the real-time flight radar.

Don't miss your flight

Planes Live is an excellent application to prepare for our journey, since we can consult all the information on our flight, starting with the terminal and boarding gate. But it also offers other kinds of complete data, namely:

  • Flight code.
  • Airline.
  • Flight duration.
  • Kilometers.
  • Departures and arrivals.
  • Delays.
  • Baggage carousel.
  • News of the town.
  • Type of plane.
  • Geolocation information, including speed, altitude and direction.

Besides, it also allows us to check the weather forecast at the destination airport and receive live notifications if there are updates on our flight. This app includes information on more than 1,500 international airlines and more than 30,000 airports throughout the world, so it offers an approximate coverage of 95% of the planes worldwide. In all, this is an excellent tool to check the location of the plane where our relatives travel or whether their flight is delayed.

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