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Don't know which plant is growing in your garden? The PlantIn app helps us to recognise plants and trees as well as diseases with our mobile camera


Identify plants and trees with your smartphone

October 10, 2023
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Surely more than once you have wondered what plant it was that you saw or what kind of disease a tree has. This fantastic app answers these questions with a simple photo and also helps us to take proper care of our plants.

How to recognise and care for plants with an Android

PlantIn is a digital plant identifier that works with a mobile phone camera. All we have to do is upload a photo or take a live photo and, in an instant, the app will show us what type of plant it is.

Plant disease identifier.

We can also use this same system to discover the diseases our plants and trees are suffering from. Once the problem has been detected, the platform will offer advice on how to eliminate the threat and cure the plant.

But it also gives us detailed information about each type of plant and its care, including the ideal temperature, the light they need, the right type of pot, the irrigation system, toxicity... In addition, from the plant's file we can ask questions to the experts and create a care plan.

Have you ever wondered when to water your plant or how to cut its leaves?

The care plan is especially interesting, as it will help us to take care of our plants properly. In this way, we will be able to record watering times and carry out light tests with our mobile phone, adapting the information to our location.

And it also has care reminders, professional care guides and lots of articles. If you are passionate about gardening, this app will be especially practical and useful. The APK file is free to download, but the basic version is quite limited.

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