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With Playmoss you'll be able to organize and share the different videos and music tracks that you listen to online. Playmoss organizes your playlists

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A new web tool to organize music has just appeared. It goes by the name of Playmoss and allows us to organize and classify all the music we listen to online from several streaming services.

Let's tidy up a bit

With the amount of web services used to listen to music, like YouTube for instance, it becomes necessary to have a tool to organize and share our tracks. Playmoss lets us gather all our favorite songs in a single collection, so that both us and our friends can access all our favorite music and new songs we discover, in a really efficient manner.

How does Playmoss work?

It's very easy: we only have to configure a user profile and start adding links to the videos and songs we want on our playlist. Once we've created one, we'll be able to play it, share it on social networks, and the rest of users will also be able to enjoy it.

The panel to tidy up your music.

A platform for new artists

Emerging musicians will also have their space on Playmoss as the intention is that both them and their brands can have their own tools to help them to advertise themselves. Thus, the place where we organize our music converges with the place where we discover it.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires a free registry.
  • The project is at Beta stage and for the time being it's only compatible with Vimeo, Soundcloud and YouTube.
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