PlayOn allows you to watch television on the Internet from a game console or gadget. Download PlayOn to control all your channels from an interface

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For some time now, it has become more and more common for the great majority of TV companies to offer viewers the option to watch their favorite programs from their website. On top of this, there are also services like Hulu and Netflix that provide many films and TV series as a pay-to-view service. PlayOn offers a way to be able to control all of this.

Watch your favorite Internet channels on your games console

The main idea behind PlayOn is to work as a bridge application between Internet channels and their viewing, allowing the user to receive the computer's signal and broadcast it to a Smart TV or a video game channel.

Thus, PlayOn will take control of all the user accounts, while the console only has to take care of showing the user channels available to be watched.

On the other hand, PlayOn also allows you to transmit the signal to devices like mobiles or tablets in such a way that you can enjoy your favorite channels without having to worry about complicated configurations wherever there is a signal.

Another thing worth noting about PlayOn is that it also allows us to share what is being viewed with contacts on the most important social networks, even with the possibility to choose which contents is notified.

Download PlayOn and watch TV on the Internet in a different way.

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