9.3.0 Stick your adhesive notes or Post-its on your computer's desktop with PNotes. Don't forget any appointment or task by downloading PNotes for free on your PC
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Many applications allow us to create virtual sticky notes that can be used on our computer's desktop, but few of them offer as many options as PNotes, because this simple program allows us to edit text inside the notes just as we would do with an editor, using skins to be able to personalize each entry or program notifications so that they appear at a specific moment.

Useful sticky notes for your desktop

This useful tool isn't only suitable to leave a notification on our computer, because it also allows us to send each entry by email, tag each note and organize them depending on their type (so that we can view them depending on their theme) and, furthermore, we can edit the texts color, the alignment, the font, and the size separately for each Post-it.

The program stays in the system tray, thus it is possible to quickly access the stored notes or create new ones, without having to browse through complicated menus.

If you still don't have an application that can help you to remember everything and you are looking for a really complete possibility, download and try PNotes.

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Antony Peel
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