Pocket Killbox

Pocket Killbox eliminates any file from your computer, even those that are blocked by the system or by a virus. Download Pocket Killbox for free now!

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An application has never been as useful as Pocket Killbox.. It is a lightweight utility, that without requiring installation, is capable of eliminating from your hard drive any kind of file: DLL libraries, AVI, MP3, EXE files,... even if they are blocked by the system.

  Pocket Killbox easily deletes blocked files and folders. This is very useful to eliminate files that have been blocked by any kind of virus, and also to instantly get rid of files that are blocked by the system that are no longer necessary, without having to reboot the system.

  The only caution that we have to take is to make sure that we don't eliminate the files that are essential for the operating system to work properly. Furthermore, Killbox has other interesting options like a shortcut to the File Explorer, deletion of the temporary files from the application, shortcut to the system services,...

  Discover real freedom when using your computer, thanks to Killbox, and forget about annoying error messages when you try to delete files that you no longer need.
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