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Pokémapper is an online map with which you can find Pokémons located by other users. Access the map online from your web browser and find them all

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There are Pokémon GO users that aren't willing to burn their shoes taking long walks while they wait for their Android or iPhone to notify them whenever they come across a Charmander, Snorlax or Articuno. For this kind of user there are maps, both in APK format and online web browser versions, that offer the location of these creatures.

The online map to find Pokémons create by users through crowdsourcing

We're talking about Pokémapper, on which you can check the locations of these creatures that have been shared by other users (and that you also can share). For such purpose, you'll have to let it access the application and take care of everything else. As you can imagine, it can be used from your phone's web browser without having to install APKs or anything else.

This live map offers the real-time time location of each Pokémon, the exact time at which it was located, its name and type.

Where are all the Pokémons?

The fact is that this map offers you a global location, but you can also access your own map from which you can view the Pokémons that you've indicated and a news section where you can read the latest news about Niantic's user community.

So, if you're trying to expand your Pokédex, don't miss out on the chance to get hold of a tool like the latter that, despite being a webapp, works perfectly on Android and iOS.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires access to your app's data.
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