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Police Chase is an entertaining casual game where we will have to step on the gas to try to get away from all the police cars that are in hot pursuit

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If you like simple car games that put your reflexes to the test, then that is just what you will find in Police Chase. It is a police pursuit game where we will have to escape from the forces of law and order by dodging their attempts to take us out and also dodge all the obstacles that we find in our path.

Escape from the police, whatever it takes

In this game, we will control a car from an aerial perspective. We will drive around an abstract world where we have to dodge obstacles, try to avoid being caught by the police, and, along the way, try to collect all the gifts that we find.

To control our car, all we have to do is press on the screen to make it turn left or right. We will be able to cause our pursuers to crash into each other and drive at them in order to try to make them crash into us.

The longer we hold out and the more cars we manage to destroy, the more points we will get. These points will be converted into money which we will be able to accumulate in order to change our car for others that look cooler and are faster.

Requirements and additional information:
Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
This year
28.3 MB

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