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Police Motorbike Simulator 3D is a game involving riding police motorbikes. Explore a huge open world riding around at full speed and doing loads of stunts

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The police department motorbikes aren’t used enough. Yes, from time to time they have to chase a thief, but normally the agents of the law just wander about, in Chief Wiggum's case holding an ice cream. It’s clear the bike lot needs people like you ready to put these powerful machines through their paces, and you can do that downloading Police Motorbike Simulator 3D. The name of the game doesn’t leave much room for doubt: it’s a fun police motorbike game where you can drive one pulling all sorts of stunts. Because you are the law, no one is going to write you a ticket.

Become the best motorbike rider in the Department.

This police motorbike riding simulator puts you in the shoes of an agent who is riding his bike through an open world that you can explore, looking for obstacles and ramps to do tricks on. You can use rocket fuel to go after the bad guys even faster, although the truth is that everybody in this world behaves: you are the only crazy person going at breakneck speed down the road.

A rookie patrolling the city

You have just got out of the Academy and you have your first shift patrolling the streets. The controls and movements are realistic and you have to use your common sense while you’re driving around if you don’t want to end up under some car. Do all sorts of tricks and show your fantastic mastery of your two-wheeled machine.

  • Chose between tactile controls and moving the phone.
  • Several bikes to ride, some paid-for (e.g. the fastest ones).
  • Alternate between first person and third person views.
  • Turn on the police siren whenever you like.
  • Do wheelies (essential in any motorbike game worth its salt).
Requirements and additional information:
Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan
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6 months ago
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